Campana Insurance is an independent agency.  When you call us, we will evaluate your specific situation to find a plan that is best suited for you, your business and your family. 

David (Rocky) Campana
Molly Taylor
Administrative Assistant

Molly Taylor is the Administrative Assistant to Rocky Campana. She has a focus in providing quality customer service and continues to exceed customer expectations. Molly assists with correspondence emails and forms, organizes and schedules appointments and provides follow up calls. She is the point of contact for clients and future clients of Campana Insurance.

David (Rocky) Campana is an independent and trusted agent who:

  • Allows you to choose from many different companies with one call.

  • Helps make insurance selection easier to understand.

  • Is available through the year to answer questions pertaining to your coverage.

  • Will review your policies to verify that they consistently accommodate your every changing needs.